Intensive Advanced 2

Monday, April 23, 2018

Advanced 2. Art vocabulary lesson

Watch the videos and practise. Click herehere and here.
English vocabulary for museums. Click here.

Advanced 2. What is art? / Art and education

What is art? If you want to know more about contemporary art, have a look at this article. Click here.
Art and education: Museums. Read the article (click here) and answer the following question (leave a comment below): What museum(s) would you recommend that your classmates should visit?

Advanced 2. Picasso's Guernica

"A work of art must make a man react... it must agitate him and shake him up." Pablo Picasso.
Now click here and watch the video.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Advanced 2. What is art for?

Click here.

Advanced 2: Why Is Modern Art So Bad?

Do you like modern art? Some people would probably say "no". Listen to what an expert has to say. Click here.

Advanced 2. Picasso

Click here, watch the video and then fill in the gaps (use 1-4 words). Select to see the answers.
1. When he became a teenager he no longer felt... like an apprentice
2. Where did he study while he was living in a Coruña? At the... School of Fine Arts
3. Barefoot Girl is considered as Picasso's ... first masterpiece.
4. How many pieces were displayed at the exhibition? Over 200.

Picasso. The early years.
Picasso lived in A Coruña for 5 years. That period saw the end of his childhood and his early teenage years when he no longer felt like an apprentice and became a young artist. His character was built from the memories of his everyday life at his home at number 14 Rúa Payo Gómez. The sadness of his sister’s death, his first love, his hard lessons with this father at the School of Fine Arts and his first exhibit. A thousand emotions and a unique existence.
Essential works, such as “Barefoot Girl”, considered by many as the artist’s first masterpiece, the precursor of the blue and rose periods.

120 years later, A Coruña retrieves the memory and the vision of a genius through the exhibit “Picasso, the early years. A Coruña 2015” at the Museum of Fine Arts, an exhibit with over 200 pieces, a journey through 80 works by Picasso, in international event that shows the origin and evolution of the genius

Monday, April 16, 2018

Advanced 2. Passive voice. Revision.

If you need to practice the use of the passive voice in English, you can visit these pages. Click here and here.
For more practice on the use of passive of reporting verbs (It is said that...), click here.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Advanced 2. Video: Try something new for 30 days.

Click here.

Fill in the blanks with one or two words.

1.- He felt like he was stuck  in a(n)________________
2.- Trying something new for 30 days sounds like a(n) ___________________ idea.
3.- One of the things he learnt is that months do not fly by _______________ and time is much more _________________
4.- When he took on harder challenges, his ___________________ began to grow.
5.- Every year people start to write novels from _________________
6.- Although you might be ______________, you will finish your novel in the end.
7.- Small ________________ changes will probably stick.
8.- Think of something you always wanted to do and then give it a(n) ____________

KEY: (select to see the words)

1.- rut
2.- pretty simple
3.- forgotten / memorable
4.- self-confidence
5.- scratch
6.- sleep-deprived
7.- sustainable
8.- shot